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Civic ES Type R Conversion

Today, we can see a lot of people buying Civic ES 1.7 (engine code D17) due to its affordable price (around RM40k ++ for the one that is registered on 2001). 5-6 years before, this model is considered an 'uncle's' or 'aunty's' car as it is kinda timid for some Honda enthusiast (only 130 Hp).

But now, with lot of DC5 half-cut availability, this ES aka 'timid' animal can be transformed to a real & nasty MONSTER. Guess what need to be done to transformed this animal?. Yes, you are definitely right. By giving new 'heart' aka K20A Type R power plant to this timid ES, it can now ROAR and chase other street monster without any fear.

Bear in mind, engine upgrade alone is not enough. With great power, comes great responsibility right?. Then, the suspension and braking system of the ES also need to be upgraded parallel with the engine upgrade. Some hardcore 'modders' might go to the extend like re-spot welding the chassis to give the car owner a hell of confidence on handling the excessive power.

Picture tells us thousand of words. Let us 'read' the journey of brother RedH from Thailand in modding his beloved ride. Enjoy!



to be continue....


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